Can We Get Few More Days To Prepare our app for Competition?

@NiotronStaff Actually i was wondering if we can get few more days to prepare the app… since I was not aware of it and started my app around 2 Aug due to my exams and stuff!! Pleas consider my issue…

No chance of extending the competition date

Shh! Okay no problem

by what time we have to submit? can i submit by night also?

Yes 8th August full day IST

uhm! that means by night of 8th aug? bruh this timezone confusion anyways thx that would be enough i guess by today night i will be done… and sneak peak this idea for app i had got while in cl 4 and now i am gonna a make an app for it… this app has lots of feelings connected… :grinning:

Yes we will keep the form open till 8th August 11:59 PM

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