Can we disable unused screens in the builder? The active passive screen takes up too much RAM

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We as users often cannot create applications that are too complex because RAM usage is too high for each screen, component or block created.

To get users to buy a premium subscription package, at least we as users have to create a large application or at the final stage of the monetization stage. But the overly heavy editor builder prevents many users from getting to that stage.

This will result in only a few users being willing to buy a premium subscription package. Using lighter RAM makes it easier for users to create complex applications, thus encouraging them to buy a monthly premium subscription, because of course complex applications require a larger size which can only be obtained from a paid premium subscription.

We won’t charge for a lighter version. I can say that something is in the works already.

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@abhijith ok, I’ll try doing UX research to see if it still works well or not

@Roland_Candra what active screen are you talking about? screen on mobile companion app app?


They won’t work in background, only they are loaded to your cookies or data when loaded first…
I might be wrong, hence let’s wait for others response too

@abhijith @iaditya_nanda @Horizon

I have conducted research to measure the RAM usage level of Niotron and Kodular using the same components and blocks, here are the results.

Each Screen contains
2 vertical scroll
20 horizontal arrangement
200 card view
893 blocks

Device Testing: 4GB RAM

1 Screen 61%
2 Screen 64%
3 Screen 65%
4 Screen 68%
5 Screen 69%
6 Screen 72%
7 Screen 77%
8 Screen 81%
9 Screen 83%
10 Screen 87%

1 Screen 68%
2 Screen 82%
3 Screen 90%
4 Screen 97%
5 Screen Error (out of memory)

Note: The % symbol shows the percentage level of RAM usage

With the same components and blocks, why can Kodular open twice as many screens compared to Niotron?

From the above experiment, Kodular can open 10 screens, while Niotron can only open 4.

Just upgrade your RAM, get at least 8GB and open with Firefox always

We have like 15 screens and still works with a little lag.

I’m curious is that Kodular still functioning ? Looks abandoned to me, except the community there.

Yes, I just did a test with Google Chrome, is Firefox better?

@Ludos_ad I conducted several interviews with Niotron users, even those with 16 GB RAM still experienced “out of memory errors” at medium project complexity levels.

@Ludos_ad “Out of memory” occurs not only because of the number of screens but also depends on the level of complexity on each screen

Upgrade your RAM, always use Firefox and perhaps add SSD with good CPU.

Also I had out of memory issues, and in the end it turns out my RAM stick was faulthy and after getting a new one, the issue was resolved.

But as you said you use Chrome, I advise to give it a try with Mozilla Firefox.

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@Roland_Candra I am really confused like what and how you got this thing in mind that those screens which are running in companion will crash your builder

@iaditya_nanda i’m not talking about its use in companion

@Ludos_ad sure, I will conduct further testing on Firefox.

I conducted testing with the same project complexity level as the previous testing and same device, but using the Firefox browser.
Here are the result:

Niotron on Firefox
1 Screen 80%
2 Screen 91%
3 Screen 96%
4 Screen Error (Block not display)

Note: The % symbol shows the percentage level of RAM usage

@Ludos_ad The RAM usage of Niotron in Firefox is even worse. With the same project complexity, Firefox can only open a maximum of 3 screens, whereas Chrome can open 4 screens. When RAM usage reaches 100%, instead of encountering a white screen error like in Chrome, blocks disappear and cannot be worked on.

Well here are your options then:

  • Get more RAM - At least 8GB or 12GB
  • Get SSD + Good CPU - i5, i7
  • Wait for Niotron to release new performance update soon
  • Keep on using Firefox only
  • Remove unecessary blocks, screens. Make virtual screens
  • switch to other platforms, like Kodular (Not recommended)
  • Close unused tabs, programs… when working

Your RAM is just not enough. I believe if you upgrade to 12GB, you will see significant improvements.

The project we work on is much more complex with over 16+ Screens, some with 4000+ Blocks and with a good PC it runs kinda well, RAM usage reaching around 60-70%

@Ludos_ad based on tests, i think Chrome is better than Firefox