Can we disable unused screens in the builder? The active passive screen takes up too much RAM

It’s not but I’ll let you figure it out

See on builder i don’t think so other screens are active that is the complete whole project that is working.

Every time you add a new screen and its blocks, RAM usage increases

@iaditya_nanda RAM usage for all screens in builder I think it’s running in background or something

What is your computer configuration? RAM Memory, HD Type and Processor?

In fairly large projects or even smaller when using Google Chrome the blocks section becomes really slow, too much lag , even with a good PC. I had that problem and then I started using Firefox and it works much faster.

Now, I opened the same project in Firefox and Chrome (average project; 4 screens moderately normal), and in my case they both consume the same in memory, regardless of the screen in which it’s active. I mean the usage of the BuilderNiotron tab, not the usage of the whole browser (although the latter is also somewhat similar). If I add a screen it will increase and stay there, the memory usage seems to be that of the whole project (as iaditya_nanda said). So speaking from memory, in my case, it’s the same.

The only difference that I notice as a common user is that in Firefox the project works much faster. Perhaps what is happening to you could be due to lack of RAM on your PC.