Best Downloader Extension For Niotron

Hello Everyone :smiley:
i have a question , which is the best download extension for niotron like


MuiltiDownload supports two extensions , and two extensions that are good .
Can someone tell me which of these two extensions would be better for using in niotron
Please Suggest Me

Why not use the Downloader component?

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some features is missing in default…

Which features?

Downloader Extension not support muiltiple download :upside_down_face:
i am trying to use dowloader extension but get errors
aia file :-
Extand_downloader.aia (224.7 KB)

Which errors? Post screenshots etc…
and also always post the (relevant) blocks.

This error coming : -

This is the blocks :-

You cannot download a file to an arbitrary folder on Android 11+.

You must download to the ASD or one of the Shared folders (like /Download, /Documents, /Movies, …).

See also here:


@Mafia_Guru as Said by @Anke use ASD or Shared Folder

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Screenshot 2022-08-05 222529

i trying this but show error msg
@iAditya-Nanda and @Anke Please Help

Can you share the Download link?

This is the doenload link

No issues on an Android 12 test device:


You should have mentioned that the error only happens with the compiled app (APK).
I was able to reproduce this issue with your link (but not with a small mkv file).

Try to save the file (mkv) as a mp4 file:

Tested successfully on Android 12 with the APK.

This doesn’t change the video format:

Unique ID                      : 130838940953390420189264565248837119769 (0x626EA9D660DEE813585DDDB2EE2D6F19)
Complete name                  : C:\Users\Jo\Desktop\test1.mp4
Format                         : Matroska
Format version                 : Version 4 / Version 2
File size                      : 181 MiB
Duration                       : 21mn 37s
Overall bit rate               : 1 168 Kbps
Movie name                     : Encoded by Anime World India (
Encoded date                   : UTC 2021-04-28 07:12:05
Writing application            : mkvmerge v50.0.0 ('Awakenings') 64-bit
Writing library                : Lavc58.105.100 libopus
DURATION                       : 00:21:37.447000000
NUMBER_OF_FRAMES               : 64873
NUMBER_OF_BYTES                : 12631775
_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP        : mkvmerge v50.0.0 ('Awakenings') 64-bit
_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC   : 2021-04-28 07:12:05

Can you give my the aia file because in my case error is comming agin and agin
i am using android 9 and android 12 both , in android 12 downloader works smooth, but in android 9 downloader not worked

And again, see also here:

But one question , why read and write permission Can’t be asked in same time
in my case read write is not work in same time
Please Tell me @Anke How to use this

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It can, but it is not necessary, because WRITE permission implicitly grants READ permission.

See also here: