[APP] πŸ“š Trivia (Niotron Release) - Trivia Questions Quiz!

:computer: Introduction

This is an application made with Niotron that gives you access to a variety of quizzes. Originally built with App Inventor, this contains 11 sets of trivia questions.

99% of this application, except the feature for looking up trivia quizzes online, can be accessed offline. I have 24 asset files, but they are not even 1 MB yet. We pre-set the questions in a JSON file so that each category has 40 to 50 questions. Then, we randomly draw 10 questions to be asked.

The time limit for each question is 30 seconds each, no matter hard or easy. You can pause the timer for a while, but during that time, the question and options will be hidden, just to prevent cheating.

The categories are divided below. 10 different sets, and 1 set for all.

  • Animals: questions related to different animals and biology.

  • Board games: fun facts and rules about different board games.

  • Computers: basic coding knowledge and how to control computers.

  • Geography - different ethnicities and countries all around the world.

  • History - world history about different countries.

  • Mythology - gods and goddesses from different beliefs.

  • Science and Nature - fun facts about science (physics/chemistry) and their relations to nature.

  • Sports: fun facts and rules about different sport events.

  • Television: questions about shows that you watch on TV.

  • Vehicles: questions about vehicles.

  • All.

There is also a token system that we have just added. Every day you log in, you earn 1 token. When you score 8 points or higher in a trivia, you earn 1 token as well. You can use 3 tokens to eliminate a random incorrect option when doing trivias. We plan to expand this system in the next releases.

:+1: Credits

:camera_flash: Screenshots

Removal of 1 incorrect option (requires at least 3 tokens):

:lock: Open Source?

Unfortunately, this application is not yet open source. This was originally designed to be in App Inventor. The AIA file will probably be published in May-June.

:bookmark: Q&A

Q1: What does the N in the app name stand for?

A1: Niotron.

Q2: What extensions are used?

A2: Apart from the Device extension that is used to set the colors of the navigation bar and the status bar, none.

Q3: Didn’t you copy from the Nio Quiz - Opensource Trivia Quiz App app already available and uses the same API? Wonderful copycat.

A3: No I didn’t. I was only aware of this app when I was typing this topic.

:inbox_tray: Downloads

TriviaNew.apk (6.0 MB)

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If you have any features that you want to add to this app, PM me.

Gordon Lu

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Again outstanding work by @Gordon_Lu :birthday::tada:

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Congratulations @Gordon_Lu For First App In Niotron Community.

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Thank you all! :grinning:

Good project but you need to improve your UI design

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