App crashes when opening another screen

Hi Team

I am facing issue while opening another screen. In companion it’s working fine but after i export apk App crashes.

Please look into the blocks and video mentioned below


Let me know if you need further details.


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try screen closer procedures on switch another screen

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Yeah i tried closure procedure also

If (true)
Open another screen screen name (Products)
Close screen

But that also not working here. Same error


can you send block screenshot

Please check the blocks. Still same it’s crashing

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use this procedure in all screen then check apk i hope working good

Ok i have checked runtime error maybe it’s causing due to recycler view i have added on screen initialize in products screen. Maybe that’s causing issue.

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@Blockly_Platforms try getting logs using logcat

Yes issue is with Recycler view extension. Got runtime error

means you got the solution?

Yes bro got solution. You can close this conversation. It’s the extension issue

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