App is crashing on android 7 on 2gb ram phone

My app is crashing showing error of app has stopped If I try to open it than it says app is keep stopping and showing in system that the app is forced stop after open there are only two screens I have used in which first screen load properly and when I try to go on second screen than app is forcely stopped and show an error of open app again or app is keep stopping on android 7 before it is not crashing on android 7 but now it is crashing before I have set some blocks in screen initializing but after now I have set lot’s of procedure in screen initializing is this a problem of app crashing to load all procedures in screen initializing if than how can I load all multiple blocks when screen intialze after the app open means how to call one by one blocks to stop crashing and reduce the Load on phone if any one know about it than please help me, thanks in advance​:heartpulse::sparkling_heart:.

to find out more about this runtime error use logcat


Ok let me try.

try screen closer procedures on switch another screen

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How is there any method is available if you know than please tell me.

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switch correct screen procedure

love friendship good night good morning this all 4 another screen ok

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  1. Non-dangerous permissions do not need to be requested as they are granted by default.
  2. WRITE permission also implicitly grants READ permission. So there is no need to request READ permission.
  3. You have to request and grant the permissions one by one.
  4. Permissions can only be requested and granted if they are also declared in the Manifest.



Ok I will try to do it.

Ok I will also keep it in mind before setting up.

i hope you happy after trying my method