Anyone using SHA 512 Extension by @tanishraj?


We’ve been using that extension for over a year now, and thanks to our huge userbase and beta testers, we suspect there is a hashing sequence issues - i.e some users are getting invalid requests, randomly. Anyone had experienced this, or maybe we can get more information from @tanishraj for this extension.

  • To elaborate, only happening to certain user_ids, where most are having no issues, so it’s very unlikely this to be due to bad development from our side

Could you send us a screenshot of the error?
Additionally, I’m changing the topic’s category because it’s not a bug with the niotron builder but rather a query about an extension.


There is no screenshot and no error log. I mentioned it, hopefully someone to let the developer of that extension know about this, as he’s the only one that can look into it

I think you should provide more details about the problem. May be not here, since it may be sensible content, but it will make easier for the creator of the extension if he can see when and how the problem happens.

When you say that it only happens with some user ids, for example, you mean that it happens randomly with some user ids or it always happens with certain IDs?

We can’t say anything in this case because it’s really pointless to offer any suggestions without first knowing the error. Could you find out what version of Android and other device details belong to those receiving this error?

As I said it’s randomly based on user_ids. We have some user ids getting the issue and if I use the same user id for my profile, I will also get the same issue. There is no really any error log and cannot think of a way to get more information


With which ID(s), for example?

Where should be the problem with this simple extension?

Incidentally, I would be interested to know where this extension (from @tanishraj) was published.

Not least because it is not listed by @Taifun on his website (and that really never happens! :astonished:). He even lists extensions that were never published (because Taifun reads practically every post in every AI2-distro forum :face_with_monocle:).


I have my own developers for my app and as far as I’m aware, previous developer found it or received directly from mr @tanishraj. Yet it was long time ago, maybe it’s no longer supported by @tanishraj , therefore not available anywhere now

Exactly, where. If I can get more precise information, will say it
As per your question, for example ID - 21564, if this will make any logic.
User with ID - 21564 will get wrong hashing sequence issue with specific task/feature where user with ID - 21565 will not get this same specific task/feature, where he can get a different one, or none at all. Same random procedure is applied with every user ID

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Dear @MakeMoneyOnline

As far as i remeber, I never made Sha 512 extension :thinking:
I am curious to know about the developer who shared such extension by using my name.

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Then someone used your packageName:

(or isn’t that yours?)

I think only @PixelEditor can answer this.

With different devices and Android versions (9, 10, 11, 12, …)

No issues at all.

This extension’s package name : com.cttricks.sha512


@tanishraj 's Original Extension’s package name :


This is strange

So to elaborate better, are you guys seeing anything suspicious about this extension or it’s adviced to use a different one ?


Try this one:
Sha-512.aix (4.6 KB)
(but it should work the same way)

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