Youtube Video Downloader - For Downloading Both Audio & Video

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Here i’m with an another experiment of mine, today i was searching some hidden apps from the youtube downloader websites and i found one and tried to make an app using that. there is no limit of downloading youtube video in both mp3 [Audio] & mp4 [ Video ] format.

UI Screenshots

The UI is too simple and also i haven’t used any extension in this project. It’s completly made with the default components of our builder. I’m keeping the AIA of this project free for all so that you all can also explore the blocks side and working of this app and make your own.

:arrow_down: Download AIA : yt_Downloader.aia (6.0 KB)

Note the above link of aia will not have the same UI as shown above, i’m sharing aia of this project containing minimal design to keep things simple to explain and understand. But any Youtuber, who is interested in making video can get the original AIA from me (PM me for that).


it follows google play policy ?

You can’t publish any youtube video downloader on playstore it’s against there policy.


so use it only for personal purposes

Yah, and you can release it on your own website and also on other app stores.

hey @tanishraj can you share a direct download link because in your website i cant find the aia

Can you share the recoveries here, because the aia file is not available?

Updated the download link of AIA file. :wink:
yt_Downloader.aia (6.0 KB)

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nothing is happening when i click on both of the download link

not sure what’s the issue with link, but you can download it directly from comunity. updated the link again

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ctrl+j check downloads

Thank you, it helps alot. Please keep the good work but it says oops… try again, so neither the videos no audios is downloading, but correctly get the link thumbnail

It’s working but it should be better if you add video quality system, thanks

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Here is another AIA file, here you’ll get downloading link of videos in 5 different quality [ HQ - SD ].
Please note that, you’ll not much UI in this aia. I simply made it to explain how you can download videos in different qualities.

:arrow_double_down: Download AIA : ytDownloader.aia (4.8 KB - V2)

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Bro I have checked this aia I think it’s allow Mp3 video download list? How we can download video in mp4 please little more help

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Does it only support downloading or (without downloading play)
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Pls do not suggest me exo player or youtube player