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The application I made is about Youtube videos. I’ve been looking for a solution for weeks but couldn’t find it. What should I do to make YouTube player work? Is there any solution? Is there a plugin? I also tried the solution you gave Saifullahi_Mannir,[This is the method I tried but was not successful.]but the application crashed again. Please advise me for a solution.
yrntv_4.aia (153.0 KB)

You can use exoplayer extension to play youtube videos

thanks for your answer but where i can find this extension. Unfortunately i couldn’t find it.

@Yuksel_Erol Search here you will get all the extensions available:

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thanks dude

Dude I couldn’t find the extension there.

here is the exo player extension

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Guys, I gave you a headache. I am sorry about that. I could not use this plugin. gave an error. I need to figure this out now. I’m going crazy. I couldn’t find a working youtube viewer. I’m stuck. I’m looking but I couldn’t find it. A method that will work, an extension, a solution… I need your advice.

@Yuksel_Erol you can try making an extension for your own work with your requirements

If I knew how to do extensions, would I beg people so much? I would do this myself. You think there’s no hope of solving my problem here? I’m starting to regret switching to Nioron. What ended my excitement was this: Even Niotron executives could not solve this basic problem, which was also my problem.

@Yuksel_Erol We apologize that we are not able to solve your problem but can show any error screenshot or screen recording that can help more to understand the problem statement

Didn’t Niotron get a license from the YouTube collaboration? Is that the problem? No one can watch YouTube videos with Niotron? If so, not telling the developers is a big ethical mistake. If they can show the YouTube video, please teach us. In my opinion, without a solution to this problem, Niotron will no longer be seen as a developer’s tool of choice.

you can also try web view to play youtube videos in app.

Yes, I know I can. If I do that, there’s no point in making an app. The most important and essential feature of my app is the ability to watch videos without ads. If I show the video from the web view, I won’t be able to turn off the ads and my app will be no different to YouTube. I hope I have made myself clear. It is important for me to be able to watch videos without ads.

Friends, do you know a logical answer to why the Youtube Player component works in Companion but gives an error during APK compilation? You say you can develop the extension to suit your needs. So you’re saying that Niotron executives and developers failed to develop the Youtube component? This does not seem like a reasonable and satisfactory answer. There is a mystery here but… Can anyone understand and solve this riddle? Im curious.

@Yuksel_Erol Hey man… I already wrote that, and…

I asked you for…

You aren’t providing that, either…
This is now not favorable.

We can not merely assume what the precise issue is; we need to demonstrate that error.
I am hoping you will consider your options before writing that lengthy, pointless response.

Excuse me. I sent an aia file. When I first reported the bug I sent an aia file, which I hoped you had seen, which basically uses a youtube component. In Companion, this application works, but when you compile and make an APK, the program is closed. I’ve mentioned this before, the youtube component creates an error in the APK compilation and it compiles incorrectly. If this component is removed from the app and compiled, the problem goes away.

I found out later that this problem is a persistent problem and is a problem that everyone knows and is looking for a solution.

I am surprised that you, as a niotron admin, don’t know about this problem and that you ask me to send error logs over and over again. Unfortunately, I have decided to move my system to the kodular platform.

In the meantime, some people wanted to sell me an extension for a fee. Here’s what I didn’t understand. Isn’t it funny and sad that the Youtube component is something that a normal user can overcome by writing an extension, but niotron couldn’t do it? For a while I thought that it might be niotron who tried to sell me this component, but I didn’t think so. I concluded that they wouldn’t be involved in such a disgusting situation.

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What do you expect? are we here to see each and every aia?

No one is forcing you. You are free to use any platform
Sorry, my friend… Niotron is not able to fulfill your needs

I’m not here to argue. I just tried to understand the situation. I think you should be kinder to users and try to keep them on the platform by suggesting that you work in a more explanatory, positive and team-spirited way to solve problems, not to drive them away from the platform.