Why this blocks are not showing my current location?

This blocks are not showing latitude and longitude of my location when I trying on Niotrom companion. Is any bugs on Niotron Companion or on My Block?
Please reply ASAP

The permission is being given?
What is the content of the label when you change location?

Content of Labels
Text for Label 1
Text for Label 2

You didn’t answer the main question, but it looks like the permission is not being given.

use the block Is Permission Granted + the permission name to check if the permission is given. If not, ask the permission again.

If the dialog to ask permission is not appearing your probably refused it. Hard reset companion or clean all data in the settings and try again and it will probably work

I requested to Fine Location Permission and the permission was granted .

When I lunch the app first time and allow to access my location, it show my location.
But, when I relaunch the app it doesn’t show anything

How long did you wait?
Do you test outside with a good view to the sky to get a GPS signal?
Did you enable GPS?


When I lunch the app first time and allow to access my location, it show my location instead.
But, when I relaunch the app I wait approx 2-3 minutes, it shows nothing this time.
In kodular, I tried this blocks. There it works properly.

Is this a bug on Niotron?

Are you doing this while using the app or are you using another app / screen off?

Share your apk here and let me test to see if it works with me or not

Here is the APK
Get Location.apk (5.4 MB)

This is processing while using the app.

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