Why me build is keep failing?

Why me build is keep failing?

Have you deleted any extension while app was connected with companion?

Yes, I think so

May be it cause this error. Now discount, refresh the page and recompile again if error, download AIA and reupload then recompile. Again it throws error just let us know

Okay I will try as you suggested.

After refreshing page and reuploading AIA issue remains the same.

Some extensions are causing build failed

Known extensions so far

  1. Notification style extension
  2. Exoplayer extension by deephost
  3. Player extension

Try after removing these extensions and then compile again

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I remove all the extension and reuploaded the AIA file but the build failed again

Can you share this aia here or in dm, I’ll try and check, instead send it to @Souvik sir

Pls Check Dm

So there’s nothing I can do to resolve this by myself?

Wait for @Souvik sir, he’ll reply

Hello, the issue has been resolved please try again

Still the same

Issue fixed. Closing topic