Why i am unable to Build Apk

i have just exported my app and now this is showing error

and showing this error too

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what the hell is going on? even the companion suddenly requires an updated app version which is not yet available? i am busy with a big project and now im forced to stop and its due like yesterday urggggggggggggg

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i am also facing same issue…

is the server offline or something? who can we contact

i am facing problem since yesterday, after editing my aia file… it will not made any changes after saving file.
I choose niotron due to various reason that other plateform doesnot give that type of app.
but no i feel that that was my biggest mistake…

no one is replaying now, then why the hell is this community is made…

You can just click on OK and wait to connect. You can use the same version of companion…
It is just showing update as an info maybe Team is working on an update…

It is an issue from our side, new patch update will be released soon, we are sorry for inconvenience

Im losing a lot now. When will it be fixed

Same issue with me Main koyi bhi app ko build nahi karpa rha hu sayad yeh koyi Bug Hain

This issue has been resolved.
Thank you for your patience

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Thank you @abhijith sir for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I have still problem to build aab

@burger Team is aware of the issue, and they are working on it!

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I am also can’t update my app.
I hope this will be fixed very soon. I am checking this in every few minutes

Hello @Charanjeet_Singh,
Welcome to Niotron!

Yes team is working on it

I still can’t build apk. How much more time it will take?
Reply please

It has been solved, and the new patch update has been released too, please show us log