Why can't I build apk

Niotron never lets me build apk file. Was like this since May of 2020 which is the time I joined. Other builders apk files. I have good internet connection so what gives I can’t build even tiny projects with one button to resolve this issue.

Migrate to beta.niotron.com


It is regardless of beta or not. Other builders allow me to build APK Files.

Could you send the error message or the aia file?

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The AIA is private and it is an AAPT error.

If you want to get the issue fixed you have to co-operate. FYI since we are admin, we already have access to project files.


Also, why do you store project files, is it to comply with legal laws? Are privacy measures taken?

It dosen’t matter if I start a blank project or not. I tried building a blank project as an apk file and it still doesn’t build. Something has to be wrong with your build servers. I tried starting a blank project and then I leave the properties, blocks, and components unchanged. It still doesn’t build.

Wat do you mean by “Why do you store projects”, it’s common sense, if we don’t store the projects and it’s changes how are we supposed to show you the project when you next time open the builder.
Before asking this question you should have researched about how AppInventor works.

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@Souvik, I mean that admins have access to a user’s project files.