Why blocks not saving

I am losting my work due to slow server of niotron my blocks not saving even after 5 minutes, after reload work not save please take an action and fix bugs

It’s saving :slightly_smiling_face:

Some time it’s working fine but mostly not working instantly

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Same Problem. Niotron has too many bug. I think i can’t work here…

yes too many bugs some time not block saving

Which browser are you using i recommend you to use Firefox or Microsoft Edge

niotron me abhi bahot bugs please fix it i use firefox but when weak network then blocks not saving

It happens to me too sometimes, i hope it will be fixed soon. lets be patient :blush:

Its just matter of time lets wait for another patch i believe everything will be fine, i have 2 apps with a lot of downloads all are made with Niotron, so i believe Niotron is a right place :wink: