While switching from koduular to niotron

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i like the new niotron but still when i switch aia from koduular to niotron it says un know component space view(i think niotron has spacer not space view but i can’t do anything on the space screen ask to report bug)

help me soon

Simply remove that component from the aia and then import to niotron.
And if you are a bit techy the you can edit .bky & .scm file of your aia and rename SpaceView to Spacer.

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ya but wont compile as apk

what’s the error? can you share screenshot of that.

when importing aia

when going to a screen with space,cardview,1extensions

when clicking cancel

when clicking ok

This will occur if your project still has some builder-specific component.

If your project is easy to build, We will suggest you to make it from scratch to avoid such issues

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i will try out my best