Where is Poll option

Hello everyone,

I want to know that where is poll option In Niotron: niotron:

Please help


Poll has many meanings,

Do you mean poll fish component in our builder or do you mean you want to launch a poll in to the community or you are trying to ask something else

Do specify it


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I am asking for Poll in community

This is how you can build a poll in the community.


No there is no option
I think that if our trust level is 2 then only we can build poll.

Am I correct


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Yes how you did?
Please tell

There is no option for poll here

As I said earlier that​:point_up_2:
I checked @Techno_Vedang and @im_neodeveloper you boths badges. You both are having member badge and you are promoted to level 2 that’s why you can poll.

As I said as it refers on trust level if we are having trust level 2, 3 and 4 then only we can build poll otherwise not as I am just promoted to trust level 2 so now I can build poll otherwise I cannot.

Test Poll

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