When will the offline builder lauch?

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me that when will the offline builder lauch. As if my internet connection gets lost I cannot do coding and it will help others also. So please tell.

/Shameek :india:

it’s koding :grin: :grin:

It’s coding only

its niotroding :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

use jio sim so your connection will not lost

What Jio Sim?

BTW, we are not here for this​:sweat_smile:

----------------may be in december----------------------

so how did you know that?

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So no solution is there.

tick my solution may be December Is right

It is not confirmed yet
So, I can’t

It will be great gift for me if offline builder is launched beacuse our internet is restricted by govt from 1 year…


The launch date for offline builder is yet unknown, its preety much ready but we are not releasing it due to some security issues

We shall notify you when we release it.


You are right @im_neodeveloper:blush::+1:

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Hey why some reply delete automatically??:neutral_face::roll_eyes:

Xyberneo answer you and you say hemanta is right

@im_neodeveloper Replied something before Xyberneo… i think his reply is deleted

Yeah, in other topic someone removed my post also

@XyberNeo reply bro…