When Niotron Roll out beta feature intro niotron official builder?

When Niotron rolled out the beta feature intro niotron official builder?

If anyone knows please tell me. I’m waiting for the last 3 weeks. Please help

Visit here to connect to the beta server.

Neither AI2 nor Kodular have done so yet.
But Niotron has at least updated to SDK 31 and has a Beta server where many bugs have already been fixed and where apps can be tested and (if there are no problems) also updated in the Play Store.


  1. Export the keystore and import it on the Beta server.
  2. Build the APK on the Beta server and test it on your test devices.
  3. If there are no bugs / issues: Build the AAB and upload it as an internal test track to the Play Developer console.
  4. Wait for the Pre-Lauch report (1-2 hours).
  5. If there are no bugs / issues: Download the (universal) APK from the Play Developer console and test it again on your test devices.
  6. If there are also no bugs / issues: Release the app (AAB) as a production version in the Play Developer console.

If there are bugs/problems (before step 6), report…

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If I build my apps in beta version then it will not cause a problem in future?

No, if there are no bugs/issues on the Beta server, then neither there will on the regular Niotron server.

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