When is new update coming ? lot of bugs for now

there is a lot of bug in current version please update?

Hello @amankkgupta
Can you specify the bugs?
so that Niotron could solve them in the next update :slight_smile:

@SRIKAR_B.S.S don’t tag staff unessasarily

issue in applovin facebook bidding, sometimes blocks dont get save.
i started subscrition 1 month ago to update my app with fb applovin bidding but subscription end but applovin bidding comp. not working properly.
i updated app on play store and now no ads showing.
1 month subscption wasted

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Please share the demo videos of the bugs

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Demo videos :rofl:… “Saving bug” was reported by me and another users a months ago but you do nothing about it. It’s a big problem for niotron admins to create a project and test it?

Simply create project, add at least 200-300 blocks and some arrangements and buttons on screen, then save, close and when you come back some of blocks or buttons disappear. Builder doesn’t save the last things that you created before you close it.

I can record a video for you if you want, but me as a developer, I never ask users to upload a video of bugs or something. If someone report me a problem, I’m going to test it and fix it.

I don’t know why you are ignoring users if they report bugs. Niotron is a very good builder, I really like it because it is better than all others. But currently the support is really bad and you should start doing something about it.

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I don’t think you are using Niotron continuously. Because everyone who are using Niotron knows what the problems are.

What do you expect, that you’ll tell us an error, and it will be fixed in a night, do you know how hard is it to maintain a builder, and Niotron team is continuously working to fix all the bugs, issues, errors etc. and also there wasn’t any major update at that timestamp

There were many topics reporting the same thing, and everywhere we have told to save your aia, or create checkpoint, and team is working on this too

I’m an Android Developer and i usually work with java(Android Studio) but yes, i have a great knowledge of block coding too, and what is the problem if we ask you about bug detail,
What you usually do is, You create a topic and just tell that we have this bug etc. You don’t give any details of the bug and issue

If you find any thing wrong, then I’m sorry!

I don’t expect it to be fixed right away. I’m writing about it because a lot of time has passed and still no change. And this saving bug is a big problem especially if you have a project that contains 4000 blocks and 40-50 layouts.

Sorry, but It’s pretty annoying, if one day I fix all mistakes which I have in my app and when I open builder next day they’re back there because the builder didn’t save it.

If you have a simple app which contains a few blocks then there is no problem. But searching every day in 4,000 blocks where is the mistake, just because the builder didn’t save the last job is pretty annoying.

And yes, I know that I should send you the .aia file but I don’t want to reveal the source code of my app and also I don’t have time to create a new project just to point out the error. :melting_face:

I know it can be found annoying sometimes, but as i have said team is working on it, and they have also planned to change the session time, which is like, if after 24 hours you’ll open my.niotron.com then you’ll be logged out, but it will be changed after next update

We don’t ask you for whole aia, we always ask for that particular part which can be suspected as issue, it’s your hardwork we don’t want to take it in this way

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I appreciate all efforts of Niotron team, we encourage you to keep going.
just take all this as positive feedback.
we are with you…:slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @amankkgupta,
But please create a topic if you found any bug :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you. I’m glad that niotron team is working on it. Don’t take it bad, as I said - I like niotron, I’ve supported it several times by buying a subscription. I just wanted to write about a bug that made me angry in the last time. :laughing:

Keep on, I’m happy you like Niotron

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