When Airtable Token Comes? Please Reply

Hi Niotron Team,

Airtable is deprecating API Keys and Introduced Personal Access Tokens and OAuth.

(Personal Access Tokens and OAuth provide a higher standard for security over API Keys, which were the predecessor that provided “all-or-nothing” access over everything that an Airtable user account could see or do. These new methods have more granular control of resources and scopes and allow you to extend Airtable, all while ensuring the highest grade of security.)

When We receive this feature.? because i am using Airtable data for my projects.
Please give this feature asap.
Please Reply…

We’ll rework the Airtable Component in the coming updates.

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Please add Admob application ID in metadata See in the example image

We already do that.

i dont found it menifest file

Your code is


i want it metadata tag



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thanks for yours reply , we are waiting as soon as when airtable will change the api key to personal acess token , i hope nitron will will also update the airtable blocks , so that we can update our apps accoeding to airtable updates

Have you ever tried working with the new Access token? Everything works just fine with the existing Airtable component. Use Personal access token as your API key. That’s all. I’m using it since it’s been released on Airtable.

i did not tried the personal acess token till now , i think airtable is replacing apikey with personal acess token may be due to data security hosted in airtable

It’s already been replaced. You’ve to allow read, write parmission for bases to work with.