Whats app sticker app

how can i make whatsapp sticker app in niotron…
any extention?

There is an extension that allow us to create stickers. It was made by Jerin Jacob, but I am not sure he is member of Niotron community.

but his extention is paid…

Yes, as far as I know this is the only extension available for this and there is no way to create sticker app without extension.

yes… i wish anyone make this extention for niotron community very soon :smile:

the extension is available as said by someone above, only that it is paid so contact the owner of that extension maybe he can help you with even more specifications

But who said it doesn’t work in Niotron?

He isn’t a member of this community, which means we cannot guarantee whether he actually supported Norton for his extension.

Actually, he is, but he doesn’t access often. Anyway, I didn’t say it works, the point is that to say if the extension works or not it is necessary to test it or to ask the developer. The topic creator didn’t do it.

@Gordon_Lu Correction , He is

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I just checked with the developer and yes, the WhatsApp Sticker Extension works with niotron too.