What is Split bundle 4?

Can anyone help me with this?
My app got rejected due to Disruptive ads but I’m only showing ads open app ads on my app

Your app rejected due to ads policy.

Either limit your app to 16+ or block all adult ads. These are the only options as faras I know.

In either way, it’ll have an impact on ad revenue.

I think it is an issue with your app open ads. Read the usage details of open ads.

  • App open ad units should only appear when the user opens an app or switches back to an app.

Found above on policy.

You can’t use app open ads on click event or on switching screen event. You can show open ads when your app paused or resumed.

As an example if your app has a option to redirect on youtube or chrome. Then when user get back to your app from redirected app in that time you have to show open ads.

Another one is when user minimize your app and open again from minimize tab in that time you can show app open ads.

Open app ads showing only when user opens the app like you’ve said, But I think the issue is for Interstitial ads I placed 3 dedicated button in my app just to show ads when someone click on it.

Don’t show ads without any activity. it is against of policy.

Ok what if I show ads first and activity later?

You can that but remember activity is necessary

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