What App size is Good to run app smoothly?

Recently I Created a Quiz App. Its Size is Approx 8MB. Currently It has 5 Screen.
Here are Screen names and No. of Blocks.

  1. Screen1 - 20 Blocks
  2. Login - 186 Blocks
  3. Home - 1034 Blocks
  4. Profile - 333 Blocks
  5. Wallet - 334 Blocks

My Issue is… I Set This Blocks > When User Login Successfully, it redirect to Home Screen.
But When I Export .apk and test on my device, When User Login Successfully and comes on Home Screen, App Gonna Close (Crash).
Home Screen Takes too much time to load in Companion Also.

So Please tell me How many Blocks are Enough and Good to Open Screen Smoothly and works without Lag or Error.

Here is my APK file. Please check if it work in your Mobile.
AdsActivity.apk (7.8 MB)

Pls use logcat to find actual block throwing this error. If it is by ad block then remove and test

It’s not about how many blocks you use. It’s about the logic used in the app. Try to optimize and call functions only when necessary. You can run functions on other threads to free up the main UI thread.

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I Never Use Any Ad Blocks

Is it good to call large data 1 by 1 and run any function 1 by 1?

You can do it by using clock but without seeing your logic or error it is hard to define better option to you i hope

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