WebViewer → window.Niotron.getWebViewString()

Niotron does not seem to use
window.AppInventor.getWebViewString() as AI2 & Kodular, but


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@Krish can you please have a look. As much I remember we added support for both of those

Yeah, we had moved to this very early, and moving back would break the projects. But it’s mentioned in the description that window.Niotron.getWebViewString() have to be used so that user doesn’t get any issue.

Where? Do you mean here:

Are you sure about that?
You can add as much as js interfaces you want. You can support AppInventor and Niotron both at the same time.


If there are two interfaces, two blocks have to be given for different interfaces to set and get value, that’s only what i can think of so i can’t add multiple interfaces or much change is needed to make a dynamic system but it doesn’t make sense to add support for it after a lot of changes, as we already have support for it with Niotron’s name and many people are using it.

Seem’s the documentation is outdated. @tanishraj have a look on the documentation.

However as much as i remember, The block description have it mentioned correctly…you may check.

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Yes, thanks for the hint.

You can add two objects with same js interface. You can have a look at initial versions of CustomWebView extension.