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Hello Everyone ,
I got a problem if any possible way please suggest me.

Used component: Web view
When i open any specific url using web view in this website has some input box like name, address
Incase i not not submit the input i click back press then i got this warning.

I want if input is not submitted and if user click back press then the warning will not show.
If have any possible please way please suggest Me. Thank You

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@Bapon Can you share the URL?

this is payment getaway url . You can test also with any form link


Here is an problem - Changes that you made may not be saved.
same issue url - javascript - Disable "Changes you made may not be saved" pop-up window - Stack Overflow

i think not possible

I got the solution. You can use if you got same.
Specially when user fill anytime form you got this problem maybe.

For overcome this issue you need to run a javascript code
JavaScript code is - document.body.parentNode.removeChild(document.body);

Lets Understand why this code -
If we run this code we remove our complete browser element and script also. So for that you can’t show this warning before quit.

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