Website to Native App

How to turn a website into a native app? Where if i post on the website, it will be automatically updated in the app.

Note: Not talking about webview app.

@Rabbi_Hasan_Bappy You must create the entire app on your own. You can create a native app for your website by incorporating the functionality of your website into the app.

can you give me this Type aia file or anything els.

how to call all post data like: title, content, image. In niotron from my website (wordpress). Suggest me the component and Process. Thanks.

@Rabbi_Hasan_Bappy This community is for help with your existing problem. I can’t directly provide any AIA you have; you do the work on your own, and if you are having any problems with the block code or anything else that you made, we will help there.

@Rabbi_Hasan_Bappy You can check youtube for some tutorials etc