Web view html can't acess local assects

can you please :pray: :pray: :pray: add a feature on which web view html can acess local assets files
converting every time into .html files and uploading them is lengthy task



or this:

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i dont want to use .html files
i need to acess path locally on html code

so i can use it dynamically
with html code i can change 10 different images with same code
wiith out creating 10 different .html files and upload into assects,
do you understand what i mean?

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I think this is not possible as the WebView component probably does not use / has webView.loadDataWithBaseURL.

Maybe it is possible with the CustomWebView extension from Sunny.

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CustomWebView extension from Sunny
is not working plus it has lots of bugs

Thatโ€™s so helpful to know.

โ€ฆ for example?
I donโ€™t think so.

I already tried using it,
On last month on my projects
Its webview string components is not working
Plus path to local asects is not working
Canโ€™t able to locate .html file

I had tried using it many times ,not only once and twice now I donโ€™t have any energy left to do any more

If you think I am wrong :joy:
Please send me an working aia which
Can prof I am wrong :pray:?

No hard feelings dude :facepunch:
I am just saying my point

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The path to the assets with the compiled app (APK) is the same for all AI2 distros, as Iโ€™ve already shown:


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on sunny extension
webview html ,webview string,locate locale html files and images is not working

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Typing beginner multiple times will only make things worse for you.
Search in Appinventor community and you will find a lot of proofs to prove you wrong. If you have found a bug then file a issue in GitHub repo with proper details instead of saying here that it has a lot of bugs.
If you canโ€™t do a particular thing then either try to learn it or accept that you canโ€™t do that.
Though no hard feelings bro.


what i told is the truth,
nothing else,you extension has bugs on it
webview html ,webview string,locate locale html files and images is not working

file name or image name it works on web view to show local assects

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