[WARNING] Avoid OKSpin Component!

Currently Google Play is actively suspending any application in the Playstore, that contains the OKSpin package name: com.spin.ok.gp. This new component is available in the Beta Server. Your application will even be suspended, by just having it dragged in your project. This is happening due to Google Play detecting a malware
Trojans or code that appears to be benign, such as a game that claims only to be a game, but that performs undesirable or harmful actions against the user, are disallowed.

We already know hundreds of apps are affected by this and instantly suspended, without any warnings or prior violations.

It will be good if Niotron Team temporarily disable the component from the builder or add a notification


We’ve gotten in touch with OkSpin Team and has decided to temporarily remove the Component. It will be removed in the next update and the component won’t be pushed to the Main Builder

@MakeMoneyOnline Google Play team don’t care about app developer, They think all developer make pegasus and publish it on their app store.