Wallpaper V 2.0 🔥

icon Wallpaper Pro V2.0

About :- Wallpaper app it contain best 4k images for everyone

changes V1.0 :arrow_right: V2.0

Added favorite button
Added Share button
Added Pexels Api ( 40000+ wallpaper ) with search, favorite and share option
Added New wallpapers and category
Better UI (v1.0 has good UI but this time i improved a bit more )
Fixes Download

It also contain preview image option HD by default (it load images at low quality save data) you can change to 4k it consume more internet but better preview quality
REMEBER Download images always at best quality it doesnt effect with HD or 4k it just for preview image option


With Pexels API

Download APK Link :-
WallpaperV2.0.apk (6.7 MB)

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Please free to share your opinion and though :smiling_face:

special Thanks to Niotron builder :heart:

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Wallpaper V 3.0
improved ui
bug fixes
added settings
added new wallpapers 4k