[Paid] Wallpaper Pro V 4.0

icon Wallpaper Pro V5.0

About :- Wallpaper app it contain best 4k images for everyone With Quotes Editing option

Current Version 5.0

Features :
Favorite button
Share button
Pexels Api ( 40000+ wallpaper ) with search, favorite and share option
Quotes Api with Search
Color recommendation
Swipe Image Right or left to show next or previous image
Use local image to Add Quotes
Waifu Api added it give Random Anime girls Images ( Filter included )

preview option : HD by default ( it load images faster and consume less data )
4k ( it consume more internet but 4K or full quality )

Splash Screen




Quotes editing: Color recommendation

Pexels API UI & Waifu API UI

Download APK Link :-
WallpaperPROV5.apk (7.7 MB)

Disclaimer :
Waifu API server is slow but Images are Good Quality

DM me for AIA, Price :- 299 INR only

Thank you for reading
Please free to share your opinion,though&Bugs :smiling_face:

Special Thanks to Niotron builder :heart:


Great work @Deathking, :clap: :clap:
Is this app available on playstore?

Sadly no
But thanks for compliment

Awesome work brother @Deathking
It’s really appreciating. Killer UI

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Check out 3.0 UI special settings :heart_eyes:

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Please give aia file

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Bro for me this whole project cost me more than 2 months
I started as newbie i learn lots of things do lots of test and trial asking in community for helps
I can’t give you direct aia file
But I can help you :relaxed: where you stuck
Or what specifically you want to implement in your project

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Okay, i appreciate your hard work :smiley:

Please help me To make Wallpaper app @Deathking
*** Don’t post personal contacts


What kind of help ?
I will help here only ( turn on notification)

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@Deathking Can You Suggest me a YouTube video link for Wallpaper Making app

Try playing with aia file is best and easy way to learn ( for me )

Give a look at tech CVR


Aia file Wall Pocket V3.0 - Dynamic Wallpaper App | Faster & Better | Finally Complete - Koded Apps - Kodular Community

( it help me learn about airtable and getting data )

Or adding search feature

After you get data from server
Its all up to you how to present the data

If stuck anywhere feel free to message :+1:

How to Make Image Share Feature
Also Provide List Of Extensoin Used :wink:

Can you share block for that

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I am not able to send right now but I will send tomorrow
But try put the image file path in path and write the message in text
That’s it

Bro I want to know how to share Image Where I Have Only Image URL

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I also try that but can’t find any solution so I use download after downloading
It share images

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If you find any solution let me know thanks

check email


Please check mail…