[Paid] Wallpaper Pro V 4.0

icon Wallpaper Pro V2.0

About :- Wallpaper app it contain best 4k images for everyone

Current Version 4.0

Features :
Favorite button
Share button
Pexels Api ( 40000+ wallpaper ) with search, favorite and share option
Quotes Api with Search
Color recommendation

preview option : HD by default ( it load images faster and consume less data )
4k ( it consume more internet but 4K or full quality )

Splash Screen




Quotes editing: Color recommendation

Pexels API UI

Download APK Link :-
WallpaerProV4.0.apk (7.7 MB)

DM me for AIA, Price : 300 rs only

Thank you for reading
Please free to share your opinion and though :smiling_face:

special Thanks to Niotron builder :heart:


Great work @Deathking, :clap: :clap:
Is this app available on playstore?

Sadly no
But thanks for compliment

Awesome work brother @Deathking
It’s really appreciating. Killer UI

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Check out 3.0 UI special settings :heart_eyes:

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Please give aia file

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Bro for me this whole project cost me more than 2 months
I started as newbie i learn lots of things do lots of test and trial asking in community for helps
I can’t give you direct aia file
But I can help you :relaxed: where you stuck
Or what specifically you want to implement in your project

Okay, i appreciate your hard work :smiley:

Please help me To make Wallpaper app @Deathking
*** Don’t post personal contacts

What kind of help ?
I will help here only ( turn on notification)

@Deathking Can You Suggest me a YouTube video link for Wallpaper Making app

Try playing with aia file is best and easy way to learn ( for me )

Give a look at tech CVR


Aia file Wall Pocket V3.0 - Dynamic Wallpaper App | Faster & Better | Finally Complete - Koded Apps - Kodular Community

( it help me learn about airtable and getting data )

Or adding search feature

After you get data from server
Its all up to you how to present the data

If stuck anywhere feel free to message :+1:

How to Make Image Share Feature
Also Provide List Of Extensoin Used :wink:

For images share I use sharing component
Share file with message

List of extension I used
Deephost grid view (paid), photo view
Floating view 🕊 Floating View: float your component. [FREE] 🕊 - Extensions - Kodular Community
Floating Action view [FREE] Floating Action View: Customized Version Of A FAB Extension
Pop up view [FREE] Popup View - An Extension to show your views as popup - Extensions - Kodular Community

Can you share block for that

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I am not able to send right now but I will send tomorrow
But try put the image file path in path and write the message in text
That’s it

Bro I want to know how to share Image Where I Have Only Image URL

I also try that but can’t find any solution so I use download after downloading
It share images

If you find any solution let me know thanks