Wallpaper App 🔥

My new wallpaper app is here :fire: :fire:

Loading screen:

All wallpapers:

Different categories:

Search Bar:

Set wallpaper

Currently in development, new features and wallpapers coming out soon!
Personal message me for free aia file!

APK for testing

PhoneEnhancer.apk (6.6 MB)


Try to do more work on ui…

Please install the app and find more bugs, thanks for your feedback :smiley:

Bug one & 2nd thing work on status bar & nav bar

& Yes splash take to much time to load

Have a look … I made it 4-5 months before…

Or check mine what I made

Thanks, i will solve that bug because i started it only 3-4 days ago, was in a rush :smiley:

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@ZenX Have you created this yourself?
It is obvious that you have simply copied the app, as I can see it to be a copy in its entirety.

I have not “copied” the whole app, i asked the owner to help me create the app like him, he helped me and i have also added additional functions and fixed the bugs that i found…

Not sure that you are true but UI is totally same

You could just ask the original creator on kodular to clear your doubts.