VPN Detector - Detect Vpn User - Fast Vpn Detection [Extension] [PAID]

VPN Detector - Detect Vpn User - Fast Vpn Detection [Extension] [PAID]

Hello Guys, I have built another new and useful extension for you to detect VPN user from our app.

Let’s See All Block Together

This extension have 3 Event and only one Function and one Property.
Event for take action after result comes up.
Function for calling VPNCheeker.
Property for changing API Key dynamically.

Now Let’s See How It’s Work -

  • Set API Key
    You can get API Key from proxycheck.io this website. You can set API Key from designer section, and block section for dynamically.


  • Let’s Call VPN Cheeker
    To cheek user VPN status

  • VPN Connected
    It rises if user using VPN Connection. You can get also user information about location and IP Address.

  • VPN Disconnected
    It rises if user not using VPN Connection. You can get also user information about location and IP Address

  • On Error
    It rises when user don’t have internet connection or lost internet connection.

  • Let’s See Example Of Using This Extension
    You can do anything after getting result. It just a using sample. You can block user to prevent any work on your app.

Price Plan -

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Extension Price - USD $5.55

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If you need the source code, you can contact with me. @JEWEL

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Nice extension @Jewel

Thanks @Shameek_Biswas

Keep Loving…

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Nice… But niotron already have a block to detect VPN environment.
you’ll find Network Tools component in EXTRAS section


and here is this block to detect VPN + It won’t require any API key. One more important point is, any web request which is made to detect VPN is not 100% accurate. But you can detect VPN Environment using this block with 100% accuracy.

Yes, best block to detect VPN connection or applications that using VPN services in background


well what is cheek!!??

it just typing mistake, I have fix this already

Hey I don’t want to demotivate you @Jewel but we can do it without extension. Also the price of extension is not worth of it’s usage.


This is already possible with the existing components and blocks.

As @tanishraj already said.


I can also use the Web component and do HTTP GET request from proxycheck.io :slight_smile:

In future, you maybe want to make extensions which are more useful.

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