View Pager issue/bug?

I am using 2 different viewpager in 2 different designs/list
I tried to load images in the first design/list and adding them to the 1st view pager, but here it got connected with the 2nd view pager
and when I tried to load 2nd design then the list is not showing anywhere

Screenshot =

Apk =
viewPagerDemo_1.apk (4.8 MB)

Aia =
viewPagerDemo.aia (285.1 KB)

Are you creating List view or just steady ??

If Steady This might help you :-

Custom Dot View Extension


I need 5 lists like these on a single page
can you plz check if this also works if you create 5 of them

bcoz for me whenever I try to make 2 or more lists like this, it always cause that issue

After checking this issue on a simple app I can confirm that this is a bug.

Screenshot of block =

Screenshot of design =

Bug = If we use more then 1 view pager in a screen then view pager that we added in last will work, and rest will not work