Video Downloading Help

Please Can anyone share me blocks how to download videos in phone gallery from webview thanks in advance.

Please explain more.

Use extended webviewer or custom webview extension .

i have extended webviewer please share blocks how to use it … i tried but not working

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Try this

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@Anaya This is a basic thing but 100% :sweat_smile: working this saves the video and photos to gallery

Extensions used:-
download_to_gallery.aia (39.9 KB)

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May be this will not works in Android 11… Not sure & not arguing .

My dear Say anything after using :slightly_smiling_face:

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tried image downloading …
download success but not showing in gallery

tried video mp4

Android version of your mobile?

Android version 11

Wait let me try the blocks which I think will work

hello waiting please help Alapjeet

not working sir for Android 11

Just change download path.

I tried & that’s ways working also … But one prblm is there

help [Alapjeet_Singh]

i tried not working pls show me blocks