Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement Fill parent problem

Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement not working proper.

I chek My app with live test scroll arangment working but after apk build , I get other UI change height and width of

Vertical scroll .
Looks like this in live test. its working good.

And without Live test , I am geeting an issue look Below .

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@Saurav_Kumar Is your screen set to scrollable?

No , I did not set Screen scrollable ,

You can see different in live test and Build apk.

Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement not working proper.

please solve it soon my project is pending . I want complete my project .

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Yes, This bug from our side, And we are working on it.

ok sir thanks ,

how long will it take , you to solve this.

Already solved, But Niotron team testing on it.

it’s still not working
when will you solve

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@Saurav_Kumar we ask your patience the bug fix update will be rolled out soon

I think Niotron can not solve this problem.

6 days have passed but still not fixed

Who will compensate me for the 250 payment I had given?

When will you fix it please tell, why are you wasting time. I am very disappointed.

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Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement not working proper.

please fix it sir soon :sleepy: :disappointed_relieved: