Vertical scroll arrangement Bug

From more than 6 months ago niotron is with a big bug on vertical scroll arrangement on it’s height which is not detectable in niotron companion and niotron online designing display. We can see all are rights on both companion and online designing display. But when we install that app on real device then we see that vertical scroll arrangement height is not changeable. Above 90% niotron developers use vertical scroll arrangement on there apps . But even now they didn’t know vertical scroll arrangement has a bug on it’s height. When user load that app they will got a very big bad experience and will uninstall app from their app. Please please please, kindly save us from this issue.Because our apps on play store.


How do you know if this is true? Where do you get this from?

The bug is already registered in Bug report reply #1. You asked this here, here and here, with the latest one just six days ago. I think Niotron staff will respond. You do not need to create replies with the same information.

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Ta apnader update kobe hobe. Pach mas age thekeo apnara bolsen poroborti updat a fixed hobe , ta thik holo na keno?

Mrs. @Chandrani_Bacher,

First of all official language of community is English.

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