V0.2 Update

Hello Everyone,
The long-awaited V0.2 Update is now Released! Check out the Patch Notes below to know What’s New and What’s Changed.


New Components

  • StartApp Core(Required for all Startapp Components)
  • StartApp Banner
  • StartApp Interstitial
  • StartApp Rewarded
  • StartApp OfferWall
  • StartApp NativeAds
  • StartApp MRec Ads
  • StartApp Cover Ads
  • NiotronCameraView (Beta)
  • Facebook Native Ad
  • Unity Banner Ad
  • Unity Interstitial Ad
  • Unity Rewarded Ad


  • Added Custom Font Property
  • Updated Facebook Ads SDK To 5.9
  • Added Ripple Property to Card View
  • Added Background Color Property to Bottom Navigation
  • Added Dismiss Dialog Function for the Choose Dialog in the Notifier
  • Added Hide Keyboard Function in the Material Text Box Component
  • Downloader Component has been reworked
  • Added Test Mode to Facebook Ads

Bug Fixes

  • Socket IO UI Thread Bug Fixed
  • Designer Preview of Bottom Navigation shows the correct Height
  • Designer Preview of MaterialTextBox is fixed
  • HtmlParser now Returns Proper YailList
  • Background Function Bug Fixes

Companion: Niotron Companion.apk (22.1 MB)
PlayStore(Coming Soon…)

Thank You,