V0.2.5 Patch | New Pricing

Hello Everyone,
Patch 0.2.5 is a small update that switches up Tier based Premium Plans into Small Individual Packages that can be bought according to the user’s needs. Prior to V 0.2.5, Niotron Builder had Tier Based Pricing Plans which provided little to no customization for the end-user. With Version 0.2.5, the premium plans have been split into individual packages that the user can choose and modify.

The New Available Packages are:
Builder Build Limit Upgrade:
This lets you increase your app build size limit up to 250MB
Per Asset Size Upgrade:
This lets you increase the size of each asset you can upload. Note: The Asset Size Limit is on a per asset basis and is not the total limit of the assets.


  • Removed Tier Based Packages from My Niotron. Premium Upgrades are now available in the Niotron Store
  • Increased Free APK Build Limit to 25MB
  • Forgot Password Option now works in My Niotron
  • Removed Social Login Icons from My Niotron
  • Updated My Niotron UI to be Mobile Friendly
  • Some Minor Bug Fixes in the Builder
  • Updated Build Server
  • Reduced Blank APK Sizes
  • Few Core Changes in My Niotron and Niotron Builder for the upcoming Updates

Companion Update is not Necessary
Companion(V 0.2): Niotron Companion.apk (22.1 MB)