Urgent need help in Dynamic component

Initilize global id 0

when i click again and again in card view i want that dynamic list ( made with [Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2)
recreated again and again without error

Explain little bit more with some sorts of recording or/and images and post clear images.

Sorry for that


As you can see i get error Expected a unique ID got 1
I get correct result on 2 click ( ab ) but it not show in dynamic list

What you actually want to create ??

You mean Which type of app ?

Yes which type of app

Admin app
The data in firebase look like

Row 1 value 1
Row 2 value 2

I get the value what I want that it create dynamic list

You are able to create list view using firebase and dynamic components , yes ?

Then, when you click on card view(in dynamic component) it shows error ??

Yes :+1: after 1 time

Means once you click any cardview it works correctly but for another time it shows error

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Ok, you haven’t posted the blocks of onAnyCardView.click

Also you aren’t using cardview in your dynamic list view

Don’t have card view
I use custom list view

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Just forget everything
I have 2 button
And 2 list
List 1 a,b,c,d
List 2 1,2,3,4

Now when I click button 1 I want the list 1 only
And when I click button 2 I want the list 2 only
That’s it

Solved by @Bharat_Android_App

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