Uptade and/or Bug fixes

I have been a proud member of this community for a while now, and I have always been impressed by the constant updates and bug fixes that have been released to improve the platform’s functionality.

However, it has been quite some time since the last update or bug fix was released, and I was wondering if there are any plans to address this soon. I believe that it is crucial to keep the platform up to date to ensure that we are all able to create the best possible apps and mobile experiences for our users.

Moreover, I heard that one of Niotron’s competitors will soon be deprecated. While this news is concerning, I wanted to know if we should be worried about the future of Niotron. Are there any plans to improve the platform and make it even more competitive?


@Fabio Interesting post, I’m also waiting for an answer.


I noticed the same. Probably Niotron is suffering with the same problema kodular was: small team and small revenue, what makes difficult to make improvements.
But I Hope It is temporary.


We’ve been working on some major stuff but failed to release them on Time due to a small team being busy with personal and other stuff but now we’ve sorted out all the issues so far and will be back with continuous updates this month.


I think the biggest bad signal is not the absence of big updates, but apparently simple bugs that were already reported and / or promised to be corrected by stall and weren’t corrected.

It would be nice if the staff shows in what they are working in. Even without a deadline, but it would show us that there is a work being done and we could be more calm knowing that the feature we want is about to come or be aware that will take longer to have it coming and focus in another project or workaround