Uploading file to cloudinary

i am still there with my problem brothers i couldn’t uploading audios and video to cloudinary i don’t know why :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:. this is very importand for my project i change extension filepicker from deephost to another file picker from yo.Jewel.FilePicker but still not uploading to sever. i can play the son file from thef filepath but not uploading to cloudinary, but image files is uploading normaly. please help me :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: ![blocks (27)|690x247](upload://zv466fVdsPpUqgiu741HY9Y2D


I think as you are saying in the block upload the file path I think it will upload the text… Tryusing other extension

please can you give me an other file extension brother :pray::pray::pray:



MyCart.aia (495.0 KB)

Note you can only upload audio , video and images

@MadOfMusic_Official Do You know that minimum file size must be 2 MB