Upload files from webview

I want to upload files from webview, this is a very important function! I hope niotron can add upload files to webview at your convenience!

from or to ?

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@JayGuo you can use this extension
and this is a perfect extension for you

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I mean responding to <input type="file">

I will have a look, thanks!

Uploading files no longer works :frowning: . Have other Solution?

where ?
in extension ?

Yes in the extension I compiled and published it in the Play Store, but when I click on Input File in my WebView it doesn’t open the options to select the files.

have you asked for permission and have you used activity starter to pick files ?

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I ask permission.

hey are these niotron blocks ?
and your are using inbuilt component not extension

See, i have custom WebView in my Project.

and where you have set that ? in which container do you know this extension in a webviewer see create a webview like this
see this video


and the export the app and see how the vertical arrangement works likes webviewer

I try This, but dont Work. :frowning: Can i send my app for you see? See my blocks

I exported if you can take a look. in the button “Cadastrar Imóvel” has a file upload option.
TiMOB-v2.aia (241.2 KB)

@Gustavo_Lima I have made the necessary blocks now its your turn check this now i am providing the aia

Download aia from below button :-

:file_folder:web.aia (241.9 KB)