Update record with firebase database

I created a crud using the firebase database. Follows Niotron framework and result in Firebase Console.


To update the record I use a search field in which the user types the record: 00375512620 and it brings data such as name, date of birth, email and cell phone.


Then I get the Firebase Got File, validate if the stored value is empty. If it is, it shows the message to the user if he typed it correctly or if he has a record. If it has the data, it will be loaded in the fields for updating.


The problem is that typing correctly the companion closes.
What is this error?

Perhaps the problem is in the extension of the “ImageEditor” that you use. In Firebase there is nothing in the “Perfil” field, however you are calling the “ImageEditor1.RoundCorner” and “ImageEditor1.ScaleCenterDrop” functions, and perhaps as the field is empty it crashes and closes, try adding a block verifying if the “Perfil” field is not empty. Also, I just saw that in the last block of the last image you sent you used “get VALUE” instead of “get global IMAGEM”, so that’s probably the problem.

That’s right. The Image Editor component was crashing. Thank you very much!

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