Update Facebook sdk with letest version ads not showing pls update SDK fast

Update Facebook sdk old SDK problem 10000 ad request but ads show only 4000 so pls update fb sdk

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I have same issue


Today ads not show all devices pls update fast

In most cases, the ad is placed wrongly or the user doesn’t want to see the ad
and don’t worry all SDK will be Updated Soon

Banner ads show buttom side show all. User properly
App link

Nice App :ok_hand: :v:
App working fine and all images are loading very smoothly.
Can you please help me how can I load images smoothly in my apps.

Yes why not

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please give some guidance regarding this

I have same problem
I cannot see ad banner and also ad interstitial in companion mode in apk mode also if I set the “test” option in banner and interstitial.
I get this error
“Ad was re-loaded to frequently”
of course I load the ad only 1 time , I try in screen.inizialize event and also on button.click event. but I have same result.
someone can give me a solution ?
Do Niotron staff can help to solve the problem

pls sir update sdk .For low fb sdk ecpm is very low and some time ads not showing.i talk to fb support team they told me that.

SDK update would be released soon.

My Monetization is expired how much day to update sdk
Without sdk up-to-date why buy Monetization
Update confirm to buy Monetization

@Kazim_Kazmi please use English only,
And team is working on a big update, that’s why it’s taking time, they have planned if it’ll require much more time then they’ll give a patch update, please be patient

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