Update 2.1

Hello Everyone,
Update 2.1 is now released! Here are the patch notes as to what has changed in this Update.

New Components
We have added more components in this update! Right after our major update!

Mintergral Ads
Mintegral Ads is an ad network that can be used to monetize your app.


Verify if the app user is a real user using the Recaptcha Component and avoid bots from your App.

Image Loader
Load large images without blocking resources with the new Image Loader Component.

Color Utils
A Component to change Color to HEX and back.

Other Changes

  • SeekTo block added in ExoPlayer
    component_method (1)

  • SeekTo block added in Player

  • GetDuration block added in Player
    component_method (2)

  • GetCurrentPosition block added in Player
    component_method (3)

  • Default Primaary And Primary Dark color changed

  • Updated Startapp Ads SDK.

  • Changed Screen List Location

Bug Fixes

  • RecyclerView bug Fixed
  • StartApp bug fixed
  • Google Login Bug Fixed
  • Helper block support added for more components now
  • Many other minor bug fixes and some ui changes.

Companion 2.1: https://companion.niotron.com/

All of our servers have been upgraded for faster performance and less Downtimes. Do let us know how you feel about the new performance. As a part of this upgrade we’re giving users a 20% discount on our store store.niotron.com . You can use Code PREMIUM20 during checkout to receive 20% discount. The code is valid for a week (expires on 11-06-2021)


Patch 2.1.1

  • StartApp Bug Fixed
  • Material TextBox Component Fixed
  • AppInventor Reference Removed in Companion Dialog
  • Material Icons Fixed
  • Companion Update 2.1.1: companion.niotron.com


    Patch 2.1.2

  • Fixed an Issue Where Users were unable to Open Old Projects
  • Fixed Error Message not being displayed when Build Fails
  • Updated Upload Keystore Dialog
  • Some Minor Bug Fixes