Unity Banner Ads Not Showing

Unity Banner Ads Not Showing.


Please show us your work

In my case also it is not showing from a long time.

I can see that you haven’t called initialize procedure on screen initialize

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test ads works fine but real ads not showing

@Tech_Buzz_Malayalam is your app on any AppStore?
and one more thing load the ad after when the SDK is initalized

app is in Google playstore

You have loaded the ad before the SDK is even ready. Call the LoadAd procedure after the SDK is initialized.

There is no methods for load ad after sdk Initialized

Hello i also have same problem in my unity ads banner ad is not showing so can any one share me code of it please

for a long period of time my unity banner is also not loading

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Unity banner have 0% fill rate for India means unity dont have banner ads for india if you can traffic non indin then you can use this ad type


Is not only in India :india:, mine most of my users are from Niger :niger:, Nigeria :nigeria:, Libya :libya: and other African countries but for long it’s not loading banner ads

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@Saifullahi_Mannir Can you show your blocks

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@Jinx here are the blocks, I have been experiencing the issue for long, I thought is a general issue that is why I keep mute.

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I think there is problem in unity ads component ۔۔
I have also try not work ۔۔

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unity have problem with banner ads so don’t use it.

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