Unity ads Problem

Hi guys i have a problem which is the Unity Ads is not showing after the apk build or on the companion i only get the error “invalid argument” you can find the blocks below, help me if you can and thanks in advance

Can you post the error as well

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@Unk_Beats i think you have forgot to add the Game Id

Could you test your app in the beta version as well.

i replace it when i wanted to take the screenshot

here i"m using the beta version and it does not initialize i get the error “NOT_INITIALIZE”

Is that from AdFailedToLoad?

yes it’s coming from that

Okay, there seems to be an issue, will fix it soon


hey @abhijith can you tell me please is it fixed yet ?

when the unity ads will be fixed please

Unity not initializing for me too

@Ludos_ad This issue will be fixed soon.

is unity ads fixed? any update please

we need an update for unity ads please

any update for unity ads?

You can use this extension at the moment even tho the SDK is very old at least it’s working unlike the useless latest SDK that can’t even initialize

any update for unity ads

@ILOCANO_TV it will be fixed soon