Unable to use Kevinkun Enhance extension

I am trying to add Kevinkun Enhance extension but on dragging the extension it is giving the error You need to Upgrade your account in order to use App Monetization

Kindly help me, how can I use the Kevinkun Enhance extension

It might be using monetization libraries which is not allowed by Niotron until you buy monetization pack


The extension is not related to monetization at all…

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Niotron doesn’t allow to use enhance extension without monetization pack. That’s why they have restricted the enhance word. And I am seeing that your extension name contain the enhance work that’s why you are asking to upgrade your account. If you want to use that then you need to upgrade your account.

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Yes, it’s not related to Monetization

But maybe extension developer has used some libraries related to that

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I have tried that you can’t use the extensions without monetization pack which name contain enhance.

I think not like that. can anyone try this blank extension without monetization pack ?

in.avijit.enhance.aix (3.9 KB)

Separate the enhance word and see… Because your extension is not named like the enhance connector extension.

Try now. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Ok but i tried other extension faced same issues and they are not related to any monetization

same problem with this blank extension also

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I told already why it’s happening

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Yes you are right :white_check_mark:

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@Krish can you help in that

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