Unable to upload in webview

hello i am facing a issue while creating my app through niotron i saw a recent artical and created a app for my website a webview app but i am facing an issue i am unable to upload any video to my video my website is working completly fine but in app i am selecting an video then upload but it never went to my website help me i am giving my file
test2.aia (241.8 KB)

@Daddy_Gaming can you upload the blocks how you are handling the file upload request

@Daddy_Gaming try this method

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i am unable to find some block can u send me that file?

hello i tried your method but nothing works

@Daddy_Gaming is there any error coming? Any error response code etc

when i click on upload file nothing happens no response how can i upload videos to my website please help me regarding this

please help me out

can you share your aia file or any demo aia with the file which you want to upload

Bluzplay_final.aia (548.0 KB)
try to upload something it will open storage and u will choose file but it will never appear on website

Try this:

nothing happens

@Daddy_Gaming any errors? Or something, the file type which you are trying to upload?